How to make a difference on your travels

Have you ever heard about “Pack for a Purpose”? If not; read on! This is your chance to make a difference on your travels – a real difference!

With Pack for a Purpose you can help a local community somewhere in the world with something they actually need!

Go to, find your destination and see what they actually need there. It’s might be they’re really low on chess boards but don’t really need pensils – and why not pack something they need where you’re going? On the website you can also see where you can drop your stuff – they will make sure it is handed out the right place. And you DON’T need to stay at the places/travel with the specific tour companies to drop pack-for-a-purpose-stuff with them!

You don’t even need to fill a suitcase – even just a little bit will help.  If you have kids it’s a brilliant idea to engage the kids in collecting things in school

It’s totally non-profit – and it’s a excellent idea! Check it out – and make a difference!

As they say themselves; Small Space, Little Effort, Big Impact!

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