Thoughts about Tanzania

Let’s get this straight once and for all; I absolutely LOVE Tanzania. That doesn’t mean I can’t question things about what I experience when I travel there. Here are some thoughts from my last trip. I cannot wait to go back. I miss this country intensely.

This country.

It breaks my heart and fills me with joy at the same time.


Your landscapes are stunningly beautiful but your people don’t smile. They look at me with a suspicious look in their harsh eyes. Maybe they know I have what they want. The “good life”. Everyone I’ve met talk about this – as it was a test result. The final score. To get “the good life”.

It pleases and scares me at the same time that everyone wants more. All the young men I talk to dream of being their own bosses. Of having a plan b. Of getting the good life.

All the young women seem to want the newest iPhone, a house, a car – and someone to pay for it.

The good life. Most of you seem to think that I have it. Most of you look at me with contempt – there’s no curiosity in your look. Your minds seem closed and few questions are asked. Your people are proud and changes from outside don’t seem welcome.

As I drive through your landscapes I see fields of gold. Banana plantations, cabbage, sugar canes tomatoes. Your soil is fertile – your rivers and rainfall plenty.

And still; so many here have so little. Few have enough. Everyone wants more.

Your body welcomes me with all its beauty.

But your heart and mind seem closed – for now.

I hope that you will one day see the potential you have and get the good life you all dream of.

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