We are all the same – a tale from Kenya

Kenya is not all leopards and elephants an gorgeous sunsets. There’s a flip side. Nearly half of Kenya’s population live below the poverty line. Education, health care and clean water is not a given thing in many areas. And in many of the rural communities women are the ones working the hardest. It is – in all ways – one of the most unequal countries in the Sub-Saharan region. Why this tale from Kenya? Simply for the reason that in spite of everything, we are all the same.

It turns out we’re all the same.

As I watch the woman cleaning the driveway in front of her house I can’t help wondering why on earth she bothers.

The driveway is a dirt driveway. The soil is deep red and there’s dust everywhere. This is Kenya. She is sweeping dust from dirt.

Her house is a shack made out of grass and plastic. A few goats are running around. Empty plastic bottles lies scattered around everywhere. Everything around her house looks like a dump. Still she insists on keeping her driveway clean.

As we drive past her in our comfortable Land Cruise with Wi-Fi, fridge and plugs to charge our phones it strikes me; her and I are the same. My driveway may have garden tiles and my house has running water, central heating and more rooms than she has ever seen.

However I also keep my driveway clean and good looking. I meticulously remove weed and grass between my tiles even though it comes back within a week – just like she sweeps her dirt driveway.

Kenya, Argentina, Thailand or Denmark – we are all just the same.

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