Andalucia tips

In August 2021 I spent 2 weeks in Andalucia, Spain I traveled around by train – here are my best tips following my trip.

Things I’ve learnt on my 2 week trip through Andalucia:

1) Malaga

Malaga is very uninteresting, full of European teenagers and dodgy bars

2) Ronda

Spend more time in Ronda! There are loads of walks – and it’s nice and quiet in the evenings as many people only go here for day trips. And sunset are gorgeous!

The new bridge in Ronda

3) Location

Always check that the hotel is located in the city center. Location does matter.

Location does matter

4) Travel by train

If you travel by train all routes seem to go through Anteguera. Which seems to consist only of this train station. Have snacks. Btw; ALL trains were on time!

Renfe – worked every time

5) Siesta

Remember to take siesta time into account. There will be hours where you cannot do much. Make sure you still have time to do everything you want to do/see. 

Siesta time and chill in a shady place

6) History

Some interest in history/culture is a must. Sure, landscapes are pretty, but it would be such a shame not to dig into the history while you here!

Ruins, history and culture everywhere

7) And skybars

Remember that most bigger cities have skybars. Do yourself a favor and visit them for a drink late in the afternoon. Views are always worth it!

Much deserved drink

8) Water

Bring a water-bottle. Water is drinkable and there’s plenty of places to refill. 

9) Weather

August is very hot! Downside is that some attractions and shops might be closed. Upside is that it’s much less crowded. 

10) Shopping

Don’t fill your suitcase from home. Shopping is endless – you WILL buy stuff to take home! 🙈

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