Behind The Scenes

Hi there. And welcome to TalesFromAbroad!

I might as well just say this once and for all; this travelblog is for ordinary people. It is NOT a travelblog about crazy off-the-beaten-track stuff.

It is NOT about crossing the Kalahari on rollerskates.

It’s not about traveling for 3 years in a row living on a stone or selling your house and drive around the world in a campervan.

And it’s not about climbing the highest mountains or diving the deepest oceans.

There are excellent travelblogs out there for that.

This travelblog is about an ordinary woman – with a normal 9-5 job who happens to have a very active travel bug and a great desire to meet the world with an open mind.

I was born in 1974 and most of my summerholidays as a child was spent in the backseat of my parents old Opel while we drove around Europe. My dad was born just after World War II and I’ve seen every war cemetery and concentration camp in Europe. 6 months after the Berlin Wall came down we drove to Berlin and through the fomer East Germany into Polen. I bought my first backpacker when I turned 19 – and left to see the world. I have been travelling ever since.

So it’s not like I DON’T have a travel bug within me. I most definitely do. But I also like structure. I like my well deserved holidays to be a success.  I like the perspective travelling gives on life. And I like to feel alive and to be challenged – within reasonable boundaries without things getting to exhausting.

So, if you’re just a little bit like me – if you like to explore without things getting too adventurous, if you like independent travelling, if you like good food, wine, nice places to stay, nature, shopping, animals, history, culture…. Then this might be a good place for you.

If you – like me – travel whenever time, money – LIFE – allows you to without getting too obsessed about having to do what everyone else doesn’t do – then this might be a good place for you.

In other words; this is a travel blog for ordinary people!

There’s a bit about everything in here. One thing you won’t find much on is Australia. If you want to know more about that great continent take a look at my other blog for just that:

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